By trade, I am a musician. At 11 years old, I got my first guitar and I never looked back. After years of developing my own craft, people started to ask me to give them lessons, so I asked myself "why not?" and started teaching other people how to play. After a few short months of teaching, I was caught off guard by how quickly I was falling in love with it. It wasn't the transfer of knowledge that I loved though - It was helping people achieve their musical goals and helping them reach their fullest potential - a potential that they usually didn't realize the magnitude of.

In 2014, after 7 years of teaching on my own, I decided, with the help of my wife Rachael, to expand my reach by opening my own studio. That is when Learn Music was born. Learn Music exists to help students reach their fullest musical potential. Our teachers are "greatness miners" - they see greatness inside off each and do all that they can do bring it to the surface.

This method of developing greatness doesn't just apply to music lessons though. You see, so many people in this world a capable of so much more than even realize. They have big dreams and vision for their lives, but they don't know where to start. My greatest passion in life is to help people and organizations identify where they are currently at, where they want to go, and to help them develop a plan to get there. Few things get me more excited than helping others discover their unique greatness and own it.

This is why I coach.

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